Friday, July 6, 2012

Call me and I will cum!!!

This piece is a fictional tale, not a true story...just being enjoy!!!

If I could have you just for one night

You would be my prized possession

Recollecting your crowned jewels

The misty lingers of lust to dilating pupils

You can be my student...and I your teacher

Looking sexy in the red negligee

And I know you have been long neglected

I can feel your glaring reflection

And He is away on a business trip

Argument after argument

Come a board with me

As we voyage this mother ship

I will take you places beyond the cosmos

And the milky ways, so come and play

Come closer...I will be gentle

At least at the beginning

And know that you will feel sooooo right

From the sculpts of your voluptuous cones

To the dimensions of those curvy hips

Pucker me your crimson lips

As our flesh awaits this mating collision

The greatest spectacle ever envision

As I exude you the thickness of my inner swellings

You want to take a sip....Go as you please

With a body that won't quit, but you already know that

Been told many times

Coat my armor your shines

We can do it up and down, down and up

Drown me your overflowing submission

As we partake many position

Touching and french kisses

Come a board this mission

As I go deep sea fishing

Bend over, we can do any position

Overflowing showers

Overpowering precipitations

Tongue toiling your throbbing clit

Wet like the Atlantic

I harbor you my gifted Titanic

Bouncing, bumping, grinding

Never mind that, will have you screaming frantic

A whole lot of intense back thrashing

Moaning, tickling, scratching

I filter you my thrusting moves

Bounce your weight against me

I see you lovin my nice and smooth

When I cum

I cum packed with technique

You leak, we freak

Sucking and nibbling your supple cones

Relieve me the abstracts of your immediate reactions

Forget Him...hes subtraction, no longer a part of this fraction

When with him, you will desire to call out my name

As we kindle these flames

This has nothing to do with love

Just a lust craven, misbehaving

Something that needs no explaining

Hop on board this mother ship

Drip after effortless drip

Your sweetened cognac

Leaving traces of spew

As I unload....while hittin it from the back

One dose of this 'Mr. Goodbar"

You will speed dial me for comeback

Gut bustin

Touch somethin

As matrimony

This lustful ca-strophe

And when it's over

Thru and finished

You will be getting back at me...

Copyright(c)2012 Mista Styles